How Marketers Can Raise Their Pinterest Game

Marketing requires the use of different platforms to reach your target audience. In this way, you can be sure that everything in your business is flowing smoothly all the time. But this can’t happen if you don’t know how to navigate a platform and use its full capacity to advance your marketing objectives.

Pinterest is one of the platforms that most marketers fail to use correctly. Here are some tips to help you improve your marketing on Pinterest.

Be Consistent and Regular

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Pinterest favors fresh content all the time. You may be asking, what if I want to pin the same subject as I did before? The answer is simple. You can create multiple pins that revolve around the same content. You can also make pins that relate to your landing page. This makes the pins look different, but they still achieve the required goal.


Using a Pinterest scheduler will also make your pins fresh. Finally, don’t forget using different pin descriptions on your pins. This allows Pinterest’s SEO and Smart Feed to expose your pins, giving you a greater flow of traffic to your website or landing pages.

Convert Into a Business Profile

The first mistake you can make is to assume Pinterest to be a social site. Nope. Pinterest is a platform to place your business in such a way that earns you leads. It is a place to express your business purpose through marketing pins. Pins contain such content aligned to the core objectives of your business. Begin by changing your profile into a business profile. Also makes your Pinterest profiles current and professional. This boosts your client’s confidence.

Mind the Seasons

Another way to optimize your marketing on Pinterest is by considering future events. It allows you to create relevant pins. Posting these in advance generates more flow. The appropriate time to do this is 45 days before the event.

Optimize Your Boards

Pinterest board names, like pins, are searchable. Most marketers forget to put relevant keywords on their boards. You should choose board names which are strong in terms of SEO or words which are familiar to searchers. Creating Pinterest sections which are appropriate for your boards helps to optimize them as relevant pin sections increase visibility.

Create a Greater Following

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Followers matter. Having a greater following who continually engages with your content boosts your account. Remember, people follow the content which they enjoy. So, encourage followers to follow you from different platforms available to you. Your email list, social accounts, and website are some of the areas you can get such followers. Then keep this following active by providing them with useful content. The content should attain your marketing objectives if you target it to the viewers.

Pinterest is not a difficult platform to work with. You only need to create a business profile, create fresh pins, make your boards searchable, and increase your following. It increases your visibility, and you can later leverage this to market products and services.

Importance of Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Technology has improved all aspects of our life. Technology, particularly the internet has improved communication. Music, business, medicine, politics, and education rely on the internet because they require communication. The internet is the fastest media for passing information. In fact, the internet has made the world to be regarded as a global village because information can be spread all over the within few seconds through social media.

No matter the size of your business, it is advisable to brand and package it well. And the one of the easiest, cost-effective and efficient way of selling your brand is through social media. You need to have all the accounts to enable you to reach out to many people as possible. You must have the following account; YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Eskimi, Snapchat and a decent website. Now that you have the above social media accounts, you are in a position to take your business to the next level. Below are the reasons why you should not ignore social media for your media for busines


One of the main reason why you should not ignore social media is that it is the cheapest way of marketing your business. It is very much affordable to manage your social media accounts while promoting your business. You can run affordable promotional campaigns to enhance your brand’s online visibility. You do not require much money to run adverts like those commercials we watch on TV or listen on the radio.


The use of social media is the best because it is very informative. Social media gives you access to your competitor platform and study how they handle their business. You also get to know what the market demands. This will help you to make a strategy and come up with a sustainable plan to make your customers to love your services and goods. You also get to know the current trends in the wider market. You can link up with what everybody is talking about social media regarding business and technology. This insight will help you to grow your business and achieve the set goals.

High conversion rates

Social media marketing helps in increasing the conversion rates. Social media has a humanization element where brands can be humanized through interaction seen on the social media platforms. Here all brands are regarded as people which is important because the interaction is all that matters.

Build relationships

Social media is not all about increasing sales by running ads. It is a multi-way channel where you meet new clients and even gets serious investors for your ideas. This is the only marketing platform where you have all the time to bond with your customers. Social media support dialogue between brands and customers, something that cannot be effectively done by the traditional media.

Customer care and satisfaction

business marketingUnlike the traditional media of marketing brands, social media helps to ensure that customers are fully satisfied. You get to produce what the customers love because at the end of the day, what matters are the number of sales you make. Therefore, you can use social media to get suggestions from your customer and improve the quality of your goods and services. Also, a customer will love to inquire about a service or a product, and that is one effectively through social media.