Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Baby Shampoo

It can be an overwhelming experience for new parents when looking for safe baby skin care products. Baby skin care products include creams, soaps, and shampoos. This article will focus mainly on purchasing the best baby shampoo for your newborn. The internet is packed with opinions and especially enticing baby skin care shampoo. However, it not always what you see is what you get.

Therefore, you need to be careful when buying shampoo for your baby’s hair or skin. You baby’s health should always come first when it comes to investing in soaps detergents, creams and especially shampoos. The little champ’s skin is very delicate thus you must buy shampoo that is safe and nourishing to their skin. But how do you determine whether a certain baby shampoo is suitable or safe for your baby? Here are the main factors to consider when buying the best baby shampoo.

Existing Skin Conditions

The first factor to consider when buying shampoo is the existing conditions of the baby’s skin. Obviously, a newly born baby has the most healthy and flawless skin. This implies that the best baby shampoo product is the one that is made of natural ingredients. Therefore, ensure that the baby shampoo that you choose is a natural as possible. However, there are instances where genetics comes into the play. You might find out that the baby has inherited some skin conditions that are common in your family, for instance, conditions like eczema.

If your baby has a dry skin or eczema condition you should invest in typical shampoo with moisturizing ointments. Generally, you need to assess your baby’s preexisting skin condition before you buy. The intention should be to remedy or main skin condition.


babyAlways make sure that the shampoo is alcohol-free before you add it to cart. You have probably noted that adult shampoo feels so refreshing after using and they dry up hastily. The reason why they dry up first is because of the presence of alcohol elements. You do not want your baby’s skin to remain dry because dryness will deteriorate the skin health.

In fact, all children products should not contain any traces of alcohol although some still do have. The baby’s skin has not fully developed to adapt to the environment. Therefore, make sure that the shampoo has no alcohol or at least the alcohol percentage is small that it has no major effect on how the shampoo works.

Neutral PH

Another important factor to consider is the PH level of the shampoo. Make sure that the shampoo is neither acidic nor alkaline. Therefore, choose to invest in baby shampoos that have a neutral PH. Neutral PH means that the range on the acid-base scale is PH 7. When the PH ranges from 1 to 6, it means that the shampoo is acidic. When it is between 8 and 14 it will be alkaline.

The baby’s skin is usually near PH 7 under normal circumstances. Therefore, you do not want to cause some weird conditions that will alter the wellbeing of your baby’s healthy skin. Actually, extreme alkalinity or acidity in the shampoo can cause irritation and chafing. To avoid inducing such conditions on your baby’s skin


Lastly, consider fragrance before you buy the shampoo. Make sure you choose a baby shampoo that is fragrance-free. Fragrances contained in various baby skin care products contain harmful elements that can pose problems to your baby’s delicate skin. Since most parents want their babies to have a sweet smell, it is imperative to go for a shampoo with natural fragrances.

Ways Meditation can Improve Your Life

Meditation has various benefits to those who practice it. They range from health benefits to the general benefits that one gets. It is something that one can do every day during their quiet time. It takes a short while maybe thirty minutes in a day, but it comes with numerous benefits. This article will highlight ways meditation can improve your life as discussed below.

Increased positivity

Metta meditation is a type of meditation which involves generation and projection of love and other positive energy all around you. This translates to one showing love to everyone including family, friends and also strangers. Our actions and energy are more like a boomerang. If one puts out negativity, then negativity will surely continue showing up in your life. Creating positivity will also ensure that everything around you is positive as well.

Boosts self-confidence

Self-confidence is boosted when one has a different view of things. During meditation, one takes time which helps them in seeing things from a positive perspective affirming to you that there is a place that will fit you the way you are. It eliminates the feeling of trying to be someone else to fit into a given place. Meditation gives one the chance to realize that they are enough just the way they are.

Gives the day a great start

meditation health benefitsFor those who are not morning people, they probably snooze their alarms. When one takes up meditating, it means they will have to wake up early. There are many benefits of starting your day early meaning that everything will fall in time. Running late means that one will have to start their day rushed. Early meditation makes one reflect on their day ahead. This makes one set their intentions hence able to shape their experiences and reactions to the happenings around them.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is created by negative chatter around one. Meditation helps one in shutting off this negativity by breathing in and letting it go just like that. Since one focuses on positive thoughts, it becomes easy to release anxiety that may be taking hold of you. Meditation equips one with the tools to deal with anxiety. One gets quiet moments, and by breathing in and out, they can calm their anxiety.

Connection with oneself

When one meditates, it is often in a quiet environment. This makes one have an easy time listening to their inner self. This internal voice cannot be heard when one is in a noisy environment. When meditating, the inner voice becomes louder making one able to connect with themselves. This inner voice gives one insight of who they are. This makes it easy for most people to be happy since they can connect with their inner self.

Stress reduction

Stress is reduced significantly when one meditates. This is because they get a chance to release their stress by focusing on the positivity and doing away with the negativity. Reduction of stress has got its positive effects like the elimination of heart diseases and premature aging among others.