Tips to Buy the Right Tablet for College Student

students using a laptop

Have you been admitted to college? Congratulations, you deserve it. Packing your college essentials and clothes is quite exciting. In this era, you do not have to carry a pen and a book to write notes. You can use a tablet. Therefore, you want to ensure you get the best tablet for note-taking. Remember that the tablet computer is lightweight. Thus, you can carry your tablet from one place to another and take notes easily.

The truth is that tablets are better than books and notepad. That is because they can store lots of books. Also, you can organize your notes easily and gather extra study material with other apps.

Processor and Specifications

student tabletAlthough tablet users do not need a lot of processing speed, others ought to ensure that the tablets can perform at optimal efficiency. Therefore, there is a need to check the specifications before you make your purchase. Remember that the version and speed of your CPU is not everything. In fact, RAM plays an important role. As far as RAM is concerned, the standard configuration is 4GB. However, there is no harm to get a higher RAM.

Tablet Size

Most students like keeping their things portable and lightweight. Therefore, if you are one of them, you should go for a small and lightweight tablet. Usually, you should get a 2-in 1 tablet with a 10-inch display. Ensure you get one that suits your requirements.

Screen Resolution

You can find tablets with IPS panel. This is an older technology. If you want modern technology, you should get an AMOLED display. This is a new technology that protects your eyes and makes it easier to read. If you want a better display, you should consider getting a tablet with Super AMOLED. Avoid tablets with lower than FHD display.


Although you need the best tablet for students, you should avoid overspending, especially when on budget. Remember not to compromise on quality. Ensure you check the desired features and get a tablet that is within the price range.

Battery Life

You should not opt for a tablet with less than 6 hours of battery life. Remember that you need a portable tablet, and you may not get power outlets to plug it in.


The truth is that you do not want to purchase a new tablet each year. Therefore, you should get a durable tablet with excellent resistance to impact and spillages.